It’s About Time

You are fiercely intelligent, creative and ambitious. You’re always working hard, reaching for what’s right — and longing for a different metric of success.

You are remarkably detail-oriented and you see infinite possibilities in the world around you.

And you deploy a formidable skill set in service of obligations that, unfortunately, more often exhaust than exhilarate you.

If you’re ready to trade overwhelm and self-doubt for clarity and confidence — ready for all those ideas and all that striving to finally yield a life you actually want — then you are in the right place.


VIP Mentorship brings together the best of private coaching, professional consulting and creative collaboration in a 10-month package designed to break through every obstacle standing between you and your most important goals.

With unparalleled guidance and support in your corner, you take laser-focused action consistently, over time, building extraordinary momentum that shows up everywhere in your life. You execute smart, effective strategies, lock in powerful support systems, and ultimately achieve the goals that matter most to YOU.

We go deep, just you and I, and pull back the curtain on those voices in your head, bringing the real players to the table to navigate sustainable and effortless change. The beauty of this kind of work is that you don’t have to remember to be different. You just ARE different.

By reprogramming the internal structures that produce your daily experience, we add options to your tactical menu and transform the default patterning that held you back before now. Procrastination becomes motivation, focus cuts through the confusion, and you do what you mean to do — with ease, pleasure and unprecedented results.

What You Get with VIP Mentorship


We meet via Zoom video for three private sessions every month, where you’ll get everything you need to dial in your goals and game plan. We clear the big obstacles and get granular with your action plan, setting you up for success every single week.


This is next-level collaboration, on YOUR schedule. You get my eyes and ears on your works-in-progress, with clear, actionable feedback on your next steps. We make sure you’re headed where you want to go in your relationships and career, aligned with your deepest desires and highest standards.


You get me in your back pocket with 24/7 messaging through a high-priority VIP channel on your choice of platform: What’s App, iMessage, Voxer, or private chat on the COBALT Network. Need to answer a burning question, make a quick decision, quell a moment of panic? Pick up the Slack and get the support you need, with zero hesitation.


The right resource at the right time can unlock a lot of doors. You get my top-tier connections in the world’s most competitive and elite industries — from entertainment to energy, fitness to finance. I’ve walked my clients into boardrooms, backrooms and Broadway shows. Once you’re in VIP Mentorship, you’re inner circle, and I will go to the mat to get you what you need.


Buckle up for our quarterly, small-group 90-minute workshops built just for VIP and Premium clients who are ready to get sh*t DONE. You bring your thorniest, most daunting projects, the tasks you’ve been dreading or avoiding, and we walk through the fire together. I’ve had clients nail their mission statements, prepare crucial presentations and revamp entire websites in a single session, thanks to this POWERFUL infusion of strategy and support.

What VIP Mentorship Clients Say:

Every human being is a creative being.

YOU get to say how your life turns out.

What's Next?

I offer VIP Mentorship to a few clients a year, when my own calendar has an opening. It is a significant investment and it is not for everyone. So if you are ready to work with a coach who will champion your dreams, and a mentor who actually understands your brilliant, complicated brain, then let’s talk.

I personally review every application I receive. If I believe that you are a candidate for this program, I will contact you to schedule a complimentary consultation, with no obligation.

We’ll talk through what’s on your plate, what you’d like to accomplish and what’s in the way. If I have space available, and I genuinely believe I can help you, I’ll invite you to enroll in VIP Mentorship with me.I look forward to hearing from you.

VIP Mentorship FAQs

How long does it take to complete a VIP Mentorship?

Mentorship is a 10-month program that allows us to move through a deep and transformative process together.

During your consultation, we may curate a container of a slightly different length or structure to align with your personal and professional objectives. But 10 months is the sweet spot for this process.

What's the right time to invest in VIP Mentorship?

Only you know for sure!

But I’ll share a story: When I was at a crossroads in my own life, burned out in my career and struggling both financially and emotionally, I found a mentor who offered a healing and embodiment program at a price that felt wildly out of reach at the time.  There was no clear ROI, no rational justification to invest when I was already in deep debt with precious little income. But it called to me. She called to me. I took the leap and it changed everything.

I already have SO much on my plate - I don't think I can squeeze in anything else without losing my mind! How do I fit coaching like this into the picture?

You’ll get a calendar link to book our first meeting, then my team will help you line up recurring appointments with me that will work consistently for you over the term of the program.

You’ll have up to 24 hours before any meeting to reschedule for another time during that calendar month, should something arise.

What if I’m on an extended vacation or have to miss a meeting? Do my sessions roll over?

My coaching calendar is setup to ensure that each VIP client’s sessions are completed during the calendar month, with no rollover.  However, I understand that life happens!  In the case of an extreme circumstance, we may be able to discuss an exception.

If I’m on the waitlist, how long should I expect to wait?

Since VIP Mentorship is a rolling program, I can’t predict exactly when a spot will become available. I’ll be able to narrow that down once you submit an application. I’ll be in touch regarding availability, and will only book a consultation once there’s an opening for Mentorship within 60 days.

How does billing work? Monthly? Do you need a deposit?

When you enroll in Mentorship, you’ll submit a deposit and sign an agreement in order to claim your spot. Putting skin in the game is what causes immediate changes, even before our first session!

You will save the most with a pay-in-full investment, but we also offer financed installments if you need a payment plan.

What will I be expected to do between sessions?

There’s no set “homework” or curriculum, because the coaching is highly customized for your individual needs. That said, I will always provide an accountability container for your highest priorities and most important goals, with structures to help you work more pleasurably and effectively. It’s less about adding work to your plate and more about creating the time and space to honor what matters to you.