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Break Through Procrastination

And Finally Get It Done

"It is a procrastination boot camp, a crash course in how to get out of your own way and be productive. … Procrastination has kept me in the dark and here you are, casting a light on what I have been trying to avoid. This is mentally, spiritually, emotionally and creatively DELICIOUS!"
- Lee D.

About Deborah

Using her signature P.A.C.T. System, Deborah Hurwitz helps ambitious professionals to break through the paralysis of perfectionism and procrastination so they can accomplish the goals that matter most to them. Deborah is an award-winning film and television composer and the music director of such internationally acclaimed projects as Cirque du Soleil’s IRIS and the Broadway smash hits Jersey Boys and Miss Saigon.

As both a career artist and online entrepreneur, Deborah has mastered the art of “single-tasking,” eliminating doubts and distractions to achieve remarkable industry successes in both entertainment and personal development, while honoring her creative self-expression and personal integrity. She now helps a tribe of 18,000 strong to do the same through her online shows and Mission Accomplished® coaching programs. Deborah is also an international speaker and co-author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, She Made It Happen: 22 Inspiring Stories From Female Entrepreneurs Around the World.


Freedom for Perfectionists:

How to Stop Procrastinating, Quiet Your Inner Critic and Finally Get It Done

In this keynote, Deborah will share how and why people continually get caught in the “Punishment Paradigm” of procrastination, perfectionism and paralysis.

She will show you how to reprogram the perfectionistic parts that are getting in your way – the Inner Critic, the Control Freak and the People Pleaser, among others – so you can master your time and attention, and ultimately achieve your most important goals.

Attendees will:

“Absolutely stunning … this has been wonderfully challenging and insightful … super helpful nuggets/takeaways and totally actionable!”

- Garry T.

Productivity Lessons From A Recovering Perfectionist:

The Six Myths and Ten Rules of Productivity You Need To Know.

How often do we start the day with a list full of “MUST DO” items, only to find ourselves heading to bed without a single task finished?

This keynote focuses on our belief systems and how they pull apart our best laid plans. Deborah takes us on an entertaining jaunt through the productivity myths that drive our unconscious choices, providing ten critical rules to follow so we get more done every day – with ease, pleasure and unprecedented results.

Attendees will:

“For the past few months I have been unable to make clear decisions and move forward with successful action plans. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to move forward.”

- Gene K.

Corporate Workshops
and Other Programs


  • The above keynotes are available as team workshops and training sessions, either live or virtual (2-hour to multi-day available)

Mission Accomplished®

  • A year-long, results-oriented group coaching program including private support and daily, structured accountability

  • Program is tailored for use by full organizations, teams and/or individuals


  • A transformative ten-week curriculum combining self-paced content with live coaching and an engaged online community

  • Participants will get unstuck, get REAL momentum and get their projects DONE

#1 Bestselling Book!

She Made It Happen

She Made it Happen

22 Inspiring Stories From Female Entrepreneurs Around The World

Have you ever looked at a really successful woman and wondered how she made it happen? Do you wish you could translate your hunger for change into concrete actions that drive meaningful progress? She Made It Happen takes a detailed look at 22 women who have done just that. These entrepreneurs all faced the self-doubt that can cripple confidence, and they found the grit to create something from nothing, building their dream lives from the ground up. Read a behind-the-scenes chapter of Deborah’s personal story that you won’t find anywhere else, and discover the courage and creativity you need to create your own happy ending.


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Lincoln Center, Meet the Artist Series
The Zone Event
Princeton University
CBS Upfronts
University of Southern California
Thornton Music School
University of Pennsylvania
Berklee College of Music
Carnegie Hall, International Championships
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