The ingredients are there.

Not so deep down, you know that this life holds more for you.

You know what’s inside you — the hope, the drive, the intelligence.

And you work hard, harder than most, looking for that opportunity to pull it all together and get that show on the road.

But somehow, the days keep slipping away.

It’s never the right time.

There’s always so much on your plate.

And how can your creative inspiration take flight with all this damn CLUTTER dragging it down?

So you make another promise.

You swear you’ll start tomorrow. You’ll figure it out. You’ll do the research.

You get up in the morning with the best of intentions. As soon as you get those couple of things out of the way, you’re diving into that tricky task.

But those couple of things turn into half the day, and then there are fires to put out.  You forgot about that obligation or took too long on that project, and now it’s so much later than you expected…

You’re just too tired to start something new.  You need more time, more energy, more clarity. You’ll try again tomorrow.

Why does this keep happening!?

The problem is The Grade Gap.

When it comes to what’s out THERE, you have impeccable judgment.

You worship at the altar of excellence and the A+ is your north star.

You know the difference between the genius and the poser — and that gets downright uncomfortable, when it feels like your own abilities might not live up to your ambitions.

When you set out to do the work that matters to you, it feels WAY too hard.

You worry like crazy about whether you are up to it.

You struggle to find enough confidence to start.

You want to figure everything out before you take your first step.

Your aspirations stay parked on the side of the road, safe from the threat of danger. Nothing happens — and nothing changes.

Because you won’t tolerate failure, you resist the very actions that would ensure your success.

That’s the Grade Gap: The yawning chasm between you and your satisfaction.

When you can’t close the gap, you procrastinate.

Setting aside the work and its attendant discomfort, you feel better for a short time. Then your inner critic comes after you with a vengeance; you resolve to do better and raise the bar even higher on your next attempt, producing more anxiety and procrastination.

You do this jig over and over: Relief, remorse, resolve, repeat.

Here’s the good news.

The Grade Gap shows what you truly desire. What you’re here to create. 

When starting a new chapter, whether it’s a pioneering adventure or a long-held dream, you feel excited at the outset. You can imagine the results of your diligent, courageous efforts — the fruition of your best work — and inspiration propels you forward.

Then the perfectionism sets in. The details, the doubts. You want to make sure you’re doing it RIGHT. 

Suddenly, you stop believing that you can scale the mountain before you. It’s too much, too far, too high.  You lose sight of the path, shrouded in fog.

But you still long for the summit. You still want that A+.

There is another way through.

Close the gap with Mission Accomplished®

In Mission Accomplished®, COBALT’s signature program, clients have emerged from the painful cycle of procrastination and self-doubt to achieve life-changing goals.

Among our many success stories are kindred spirits who have:

Mission Accomplished® is like having an express elevator to the penthouse of your life, instead of slogging up the stairs to a padlocked door.

What Mission Accomplished® Clients Are Saying

What Is Mission Accomplished®?

Mission Accomplished® is an intimate, year-long group coaching program led by COBALT’s Founder and CEO, Deborah Hurwitz. It’s a proven, pleasurable process that gets clients unstuck and into powerful momentum on their most important goals.

After years of working with top performers in show business and network marketing, Deborah found the same issue coming up again and again:

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So why do some people get SO much done while others, just as brilliant, passionate and talented, languish on the sidelines?

Bringing together the best of live coaching sessions, private consultations and a dedicated online platform that fosters deep connections and 24/7 community support, Mission Accomplished® closes The Grade Gap. We get you off the bench and into the game — so you can WIN.

Mission Accomplished® is for you if:

How It Works

A Powerful, Six-Module Process

Module 1 – Shortcut City

The first step of our process will weed out all of the useless wastes of your time.

The ones that drain and deplete you, and the ones that cause hours, days and years to fly by without meaningful progress on your most important projects. 

You’ll dislodge long-held beliefs that have blocked your productivity and peace of mind in the past, and delight in the seemingly magical shortcuts that will deliver you into a daily nirvana of confidence and creative flow, starting now.

Module 2 – The Butterfly Effect

Next, we find out what you really care about and give it the attention it deserves. 

No more beating yourself up for a lack of focus or follow-through! No more stressing out about massive to-do lists and falling short again and again. 

We drill down on what matters to you, identify the top priorities that will move the needle on your big goals, and set you up for success through targeted micro-steps that add up to astonishing progress.

Module 3 – Mission Critical

You’re in MOMENTUM now, racking up new achievements and blowing through the derailing forces of fear and resistance that stopped you in the past.

In this Module, we work with “mindcare” rather than “mindset” to remove all friction from your process. 

You will discover how incredibly fulfilling and pleasurable it is to show up strong, honor your needs and take exquisite care of yourself – all the way from Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished®.

Module 4 – Secret Treasure MAPs

Now that you’ve seen how powerful it can be to bring your mindcare into alignment with smart strategies and consistent, daily action steps, you’re ready to fill in the bigger picture of your long-term success. 

In this module, we deepen our work with advanced modalities like Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming and System Kaizen.

You’ll learn what it means to truly break FREE so you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

Module 5 – Worth the Wait

Picking up speed as we round the final bend, you now shift from stuck to stoked with grace, giving yourself lavish permission to feel however you feel without sacrificing your progress. 

The coaching in this module is laser-focused, strategic, and highly efficient. We will infuse your world with ninja productivity skills, enhanced attention management and ruthless focus on YOUR success.  

Module 6 – Opening Night Party

With mission after mission accomplished, you are ready to celebrate – and this is just the beginning! 

The final module is designed to stack your wins together into a whole that is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts. Your community is rock solid, you’ve made friendships for life, and you feel incredible about your progress. Best of all, you know you’ve created lasting change and a sustainable way of life that will get you WHEREVER you want to go from here.

WHAT YOU GET with Mission Accomplished®

Three group calls per month

We meet via Zoom video for training, personal coaching and Q&A.

Along with highly actionable, accessible content, you also get the benefit of individual attention from Deborah on the calls, plus side door coaching, where you can receive insights and breakthroughs from hearing other people being coached on their process.


Implementation is a crucial step to your success! You get a monthly private coaching call to mastermind your strategies and action plans, talk through any issues or obstacles, and move forward at a pace that feels great to you.

Private coaching is still THE most effective way we’ve found to help people get exactly what they want, on their terms, and you get that EVERY month.

24/7 online access to the Mission Accomplished® Portal

Here’s where you receive DAILY support, accountability and coaching in the group from ALL of your coaches, plus input and support from your fellow program participants.

This is a dedicated coaching and accountability platform, NOT a Facebook group or other distracting social media channel!

You get great little rewards like green checkmarks and gold stars just for showing up, creating a positive addiction loop that replaces procrastination with ACTION. It’s a deceptively simple and beautifully integrated platform.

Community Support and Accountability

You’re part of a tribe that nourishes you, keeps you on track and creates an unparalleled sense of connection and belonging.

Mission Accomplished® clients come from five continents, multiple industries. and wildly diverse demographics, but we are kindred spirits nonetheless. We are coming together to create meaningful progress in our own lives, where it counts.

The COBALT Vision

COBALT stands for Creativity, Ownership, Balance, Action and Leadership Training. It’s what we teach, what we bring to the table and what you can expect from Mission Accomplished®.

Our vision is to liberate the genius at play within every perfectionist, cultivating authentic self-expression through congruent action, with clarity and courage.

It’s time to do the work you are meant to do, free from the judgments, fears and constraints that have paralyzed you in the past.

You are already perfect. Now let’s get it done.

Mission Accomplished® FAQs

Who leads the group calls?

Deborah is your coach in this program and leads every group call.

How long do calls last?

Officially, calls are scheduled for one hour. Deborah will generally stay on for 75-90 minutes to coach and answer questions. All calls begin on time so please plan accordingly!

Which coach will I have for my private calls?

Deborah will personally match a private coach with each client, taking into consideration the client’s particular mindset, background and/or professional expertise, as well as a healthy dose of creative intuition.

What’s the Mission Accomplished® Portal? 

The Mission Accomplished® Portal is a dedicated website built on a highly-customized platform – NOT a Facebook group – that houses your program materials as well as your personally documented progress and goals.

This one-of-a-kind space is unparalleled in terms of structure, daily accountability and personal support. 

Originally created to help writers and academics get unstuck, the Portal provides deceptively simple check-ins and robust resources to help clients complete their most challenging projects, one step at a time. It’s easy to use and portable across all internet-enabled devices, with tech support available upon request.

How do I consider investing in this program when I’ve already paid so much in other courses I haven’t completed? 

We’re so glad you asked that question! Mission Accomplished® can help you achieve any goal – even a goal of completing other self-study courses or programs you’ve already purchased! 

Think of this program as a container of sorts, highly curated to include and support whatever it is you’d like to have in your life.

 In addition to significant tangible accomplishments, clients often report renewed enthusiasm for trying new things and taking bold actions with pleasure!

I tend to hide or hold back because of my perfectionism or procrastination. What if I get lost within the course? What if I don’t show up? 

This program features a set of unique mechanisms to propel you forward – so you never get stuck or lost in the shuffle. We provide both intimacy and transparency in the Portal, so it’s always safe for you to show up exactly as you are. 

And both the coaching team and your fellow members are able to track your progress, support your full participation and celebrate your wins.  Rest assured that there will be plenty of wins to celebrate!

I tend to get behind and discouraged. What if I don’t keep pace with the group or fail to hit goals? 

In here, there is no such thing as behind. “Behind” is a matter of judgment, not fact, and Mission Accomplished® is a no-judgment zone.

You’ve been beating yourself up for long enough. 

In this program, you’ll stop fretting about being behind, overwhelmed, unprepared or otherwise not good enough. You’ll start setting authentic goals, taking action and then course-correcting based on what works. You’ll keep your focus on where you want to go, and you’ll have constant support in getting there — on your terms, at your pace.

Mission Accomplished® is now in session.
Doors will open for the next round in Spring 2025.

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Want to see Deborah in action?

Watch the Freedom for Perfectionists Master Class: How to Get from Stuck to Stoked without Worry, Doubt or Stalling Out.

This juicy, high-level training session includes audience Q&A plus personal coaching of the live attendees.

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On the June 12th Master Class, Deborah also shared special bonuses to help you get it done THIS YEAR. Make sure to watch the full training to take advantage of those before the doors close!

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Want to see Deborah in action? 

Watch the Freedom for Perfectionists Master Class: How to Get from Stuck to Stoked without Worry, Doubt or Stalling Out. 

This juicy, high-level training session includes audience Q&A plus personal coaching of the live attendees. 

Register below to watch the replay for a LIMITED TIME. 

On the June 12th Master Class, Deborah also shared special bonuses to help you get it done THIS YEAR. Make sure to watch the full training to take advantage of those before the doors close!

It’s an exciting time of year here at COBALT Coaching and we look forward to serving you!