Make an


Your ideas matter.

You're bright, creative, and you've got the best of intentions.
Those projects parked inside your head?
They could change everything...
if you could just find the right time - or ANY time - to bring them to life.

What If You Could Make REAL Progress...
In Just 20 Minutes A Day?

But as a perfectionist,
you face serious obstacles:

You Feel Like You’re Not Ready Or Not Good Enough:

You know you have something valuable to share with the world, but you can't put it “out there” just yet.

You’re Totally Overwhelmed:

You have a mountain of tasks on your to-do list and you can’t fathom how or when it will all get done.

You Struggle with Imposter Syndrome or Self Doubt:

You want to take control and move forward, but you need more confidence first - so you're STUCK.

You’re Taking Way Too Long:

Those ideas have been waiting in the wings for SO LONG you can barely stand to think of them.

You’re Chronically Confused or Anxious:

You’re so used to ruminating over past mistakes or obsessing over future outcomes that you can’t figure out the right step to take NOW.


Welcome to The ImPACT Course.

In just ten weeks, we’re going to blow the lid off of everything you THOUGHT you needed to know, figure out or fix BEFORE you could go after your biggest goals.

We’re going to tame your inner critic until she’s purring like a kitten in your lap.

And we’re going to make it EASY to take concrete, effective action — not just busy work, mind you, but the kind of action that moves the needle on what you REALLY care about.

We’re going to get it done.

How We Make



We often get “stuck” thinking that we need to “know more” or “feel ready” before we can do the work that counts.  NOT TRUE.  Here’s what’s really happening:

Your inner critic is constantly throwing up roadblocks to throw you off track, stoking your self-doubt and whispering in your ear that it’s never enough. 

Trying with all your heart to live up to the inner critic’s demands, you shackle yourself to an endless cycle of anxiety, frustration and avoidance.

We unlock the cage and get you off that hamster wheel, freeing you to make your best decisions without hesitation. 


You would not BELIEVE what’s possible with the right tools, never mind the skills to use them! 

With world-class training and exquisite care, we outfit your game plan, step by step, so you experience tangible wins from the very start.

Every single module is designed to move you into action, no matter how strong your resistance, insecurity or overwhelm have been up until now. 

Your procrastination doesn’t stand a chance against the pure pleasure of real momentum.

Get that
Project DONE

With your your priorities dialed in, your attention laser-focused, and a newfound confidence in your productivity, that big goal is finally within reach. 

The closer you get, the more exciting the journey! Untethered from fears of rejection, criticism or failure, you get to honor your deepest desires and take powerful, effective action towards those really big goals.

In just ten weeks of work and play, you’ll not only be celebrating the completion of your project, but you’ll also know that you can accomplish ANY goal you set in your LIFE.

"I’m a perfectionist to my core and Deborah’s ImPACT Course taught me to implement new habits to create the life I want. I’m aware of how to unlock the “stuck gremlin” and to take action onto my next bigger goals!"

- Kimberly B.

Here's How We Do It:

Module 1: Slay Your Dragons:

We start by pulling back the curtain on your struggles so you can see what’s ACTUALLY getting in your way.  It’s probably not what you think!

First, you’ll learn the six productivity myths that derail your best-laid plans.

Then, delight in the ten simple-yet-magical shortcuts that will deliver you into a daily nirvana of confidence and creative flow.

Module 2: Hit The Bullseye:

Next, we find out what you really care about and give it the attention it deserves.

No more beating yourself up for a lack of focus or follow-through!

No more stressing out about massive to-do lists and falling short again and again. 

Through the four steps of our signature PACT System, we uncover your deepest desires and move the needle on the goals you long to achieve.

Module 3: Warp Speed:

You’re gaining momentum now, focusing your fired-up energy on smart strategies and consistent, daily action steps.

In this module, you’ll discover the incredibly fulfilling and pleasurable experience of staying on track, honoring your commitments AND taking exquisite care of yourself in the process.

Warp Speed includes ninja productivity skills, advanced attention management and ruthless focus on YOUR success.  New worlds await!

Module 4: Break Free:

Picking up speed as we round the final bend, you’re shifting from stuck to stoked with ease. You will give yourself lavish permission to feel however you feel, WITHOUT sacrificing your progress.

You’ll learn how to stack your wins into unprecedented accomplishment and experience the self-respect, satisfaction and peace of mind that you’ve always dreamed of.

In this module, learn what it means to break down, break through and break FREE so you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

Learn my PROVEN System to BUST Procrastination:

With Deborah and the COBALT team, you get a clear framework to IMPLEMENT what you’re learning and TAKE ACTION from Day 1.

Instead of putting yet another idea on the shelf to figure out later, you get EXCITED to show up and see results right out of the gate!

Let’s check it out up close…


Ten Weeks of
Content Drops

This 10-week journey is designed to transform your “bad habits” into cumulative, unprecedented WINS.

Your weekly goodie bag includes comprehensive training videos, audios, interactive worksheets and highly entertaining bonus resources.

Content Drops are packed with actionable info, yet designed to take one hour or less PER WEEK to complete.

VALUE: $1,500


When you join the ImPACT Course you get a dedicated NETWORK where you can communicate privately and productively (NOT on Facebook!) with your fellow COBALT Coaching members.

You go to work on YOUR projects, so this course actually gives you time BACK instead of distracting you from your top priorities.

Even better? The LIVE coaching and support you get from me and my team NEVER expires.

VALUE: $2,500


ImPACT is built on a custom, gamified platform that makes it just as compelling and FUN to take the course as it is to dive headlong into a Netflix binge - only WITHOUT the guilt!

Inside each week’s training, you get a step-by-step action plan with rewards and celebrations that nourish your soul instead of taxing your system.

This is not like ANY other self-study course you've tried - it's more like a favorite game you'll LOVE to play.

VALUE: $1,000


Your ImPACT Course Bonuses

Productivity for Perfectionists™ 2022 ($297 Value)

Learn from 25 top experts - bestselling authors, productivity gurus and world-class performers - how to transform your procrastination into PROGRESS, your overwhelm into CLARITY, and your endless to-do’s into getting it DONE!

The Balancing Act ($199 value):

Five Secrets to Get More Done in Less Time with Empowered Pleasure and Peace of Mind. A complete course all on its own, The Balancing Act brings together Deborah's immersive half-day workshop with a beautiful, comprehensive guidebook providing explanations, examples, and simple exercises to help you bring the five secrets to life in YOUR life. Brand new and a do-not-miss!

Productive Partnership Toolkit ($197 value):

End your struggle with conflict at home or at work, constant distractions and external demands on your time and attention with this secret set of shortcuts to uninterrupted bliss!

LIFETIME Membership in COBALT’s Private VIP Experience ($997 value):

Join our complete private group (not on Facebook) of productive perfectionists for access to Deborah and the entire COBALT team and top-tier support, coaching and resources for your ongoing journey.

Total Value of ImPACT Bonuses:


The ImPACT Course

Get Unstuck, Get REAL Momentum And Get That Project DONE!

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"The information Deborah presents in the ImPACT course is so valuable, it gave me new ways to understand my perfectionism and the exact mechanics of how it was holding me back. I'm getting to chop through years' worth of procrastinated logjams. But the real magic of working with Deborah comes in the coaching: she has the intellect and insight to drill down to the roots of someone's challenge lightning quick, but also the lived-in empathy and kindness to make a safe passage to walk with her there."

- Matt Z.

Meet Deborah

Hi! I’m Deborah Hurwitz, an English-born bicoastal New Yorker: child prodigy, concert pianist, bestselling author, award-winning speaker and Broadway music director.

I’ve gotten a LOT done in my 30-year career; I’ve racked up some serious credits and I’ve earned my place in an elite tier of world-class professionals. I also understand the pain of checking off box after box without ever feeling like it’s enough. I spent years jockeying for position with a relentless inner critic and burning myself out on other people’s visions while my own dreams withered on the vine.

When I finally realized that I needed a better way, I decided to flip the whole model on its head. I had to stop worrying about what I was “supposed” to do or how I could cobble together a living. I had to loosen my desperate grip on control and break the vicious cycle of fear, contraction, and scarcity that had held me hostage for so long.

Step by step, piece by piece, I took apart the structures that had defined my career and my self-worth. I built new frameworks of inspiration and support, and started to pay attention to what actually ENLIVENED me. I finally learned how to TRUST myself, and how to generate the self-confidence, productivity AND peace of mind I always wanted.

Productivity for Perfectionists™ was born in April 2017 and outpaced my wildest expectations, yielding the business of my dreams in a matter of months. Today, I’m proud to call myself the Founder and CEO of COBALT Coaching. I own my work, my time and my success, and I teach others to own THEIRS.

I have never felt more supported, serene or delighted by my days, and I have built an extraordinary tribe of kindred spirits who I serve with gratitude and joy.

I’m so glad you’re here.

The ImPACT Course Is For You If...

You’ve been struggling with procrastination for a while, and you’re ready to break through.
You have a relentless inner critic that stops you before you’re even out of the gate.
You’ve put off the projects and goals that really matter to you, because there’s just TOO MUCH on your plate.
Because you care about offering your best and getting things right, you often get stuck on making a decision or moving forward.
You beat yourself up for having too many ideas and unfinished projects waiting in the wings.
You are willing to SHOW UP, no matter what’s going on (or how “behind” you feel), to get the results you want from this program!

This Program Is NOT For You If...

You tend to blame your circumstances or other people for your challenges. You deserve better than being a victim or a martyr! Being willing to let go of complaints and excuses (especially the ones you’ve had for a LONG TIME) is a prerequisite for success with ImPACT.
You are more interested in your position than your progress. Are you always justifying, defending, proving that you’re right? Hey, I get it - change is not for the faint of heart! It can feel scary to give up a position you’ve held for a long time. But we are here to CHANGE your situation, not litigate it. If you need to make a case for staying stuck, ImPACT is not for you.
You’re committed to doing it YOUR way. Whether it’s your inner control freak or outer people pleaser, you’re used to being the lone wolf, a rebel, Atlas holding the world on your shoulders. But that won’t work here. If you’re not ready to commit to following a clear, specific and PROVEN process that’s different from anything you’ve done before, you’re not ready for ImPACT.
You just want to “try it out” and see if you get anywhere. ImPACT is not for tire-kickers. It’s not a Netflix show you’re checking out for a couple of episodes (although our content IS juicy enough to binge-watch). The truth is that you will need to stick with the course beyond your initial curiosity, even when you are struggling with doubt or discomfort, in order to reap the rewards of lasting transformation.

"When I enrolled in the ImPACT Course, Deborah said, ‘You’ll get what you came for,’ and I did!

What I appreciate about working with Deborah and her team:

1. There is community and everyone is cared for. 

2. They model implementation of the concepts they teach.
3. In the work there is an acknowledgment and a balance of both the practical, analytical, no bullshit, get things done frame, and the emotional, ‘What are you experiencing and what does it mean?’ frame that I have not experienced before.

- Diane S.

The ImPACT Course

Get Unstuck, Get REAL Momentum And Get That Project DONE!

Pay in Full:

Save $500 by paying in full today!

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Payment Plan

$197 x 6


$197 x 3