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The ImPACT Course:

Get Unstuck, Get REAL Momentum and Get that Project DONE

You have all these ideas in your head. You’ve got big plans and the best of intentions. And you probably run yourself ragged trying to meet all of your obligations. You never stop.

But at the end of the day, the world is still waiting for YOU to show up.

Your creative ambitions, your meaningful contributions, and the way you long to make a difference? They’re all parked inside your head.

There might be signposts hanging around, like piles of notes or ancient, lingering to-do lists. Once in a while you discover a forgotten delight, but fresh inspiration too quickly gets lost in the stale clutter of your commitments.

What if you didn’t have to contend with these everyday battles?

What if you could actually focus on your attention on the projects and goals that matter most to YOU?

What if it didn’t cost you your peace of mind, your relationships or your well-being?

What if you could make meaningful progress in less than 20 minutes a day?

Welcome to The ImPACT Course.

In just twelve weeks, we’re going to blow the lid off of everything you THOUGHT you needed to know, figure out or fix before you could go after your biggest goals.

We’re going to tame your inner critic until she’s purring like a kitten in your lap.

And we’re going to make it EASY to take concrete, effective action — not just busy work, mind you, but the kind of action that moves the needle on what you REALLY care about.

We’re going to get it done.

How We Make


Get Unstuck

We often get “stuck” thinking that we need to “know more” or “feel ready” before we can do the work that counts.  NOT TRUE.  Here’s what’s really happening:

Your inner critic is constantly throwing up roadblocks to throw you off track, stoking your self-doubt and whispering in your ear that it’s never enough. 

Trying with all your heart to live up to the inner critic’s demands, you shackle yourself to an endless cycle of anxiety, frustration and avoidance.

We unlock the cage and get you off that hamster wheel, freeing you to make your best decisions without hesitation. 

Get REAL Momentum

You would not BELIEVE what’s possible with the right tools, never mind the skills to use them! 

With world-class training and exquisite care, we outfit your game plan, step by step, so you experience tangible wins from the very start.

Every single module is designed to move you into action, no matter how strong your resistance, insecurity or overwhelm have been up until now. 

Your procrastination doesn’t stand a chance against the pure pleasure of real momentum.

Get that
Project DONE

With your your priorities dialed in, your attention laser-focused, and a newfound confidence in your productivity, that big goal is finally within reach. 

The closer you get, the more exciting the journey! Untethered from fears of rejection, criticism or failure, you get to honor your deepest desires and take powerful, effective action towards those really big goals.

In just twelve weeks of work and play, you’ll not only be celebrating the completion of your project, but you’ll also know that you can accomplish ANY goal you set in your LIFE.

"I’m a perfectionist to my core and Deborah’s ImPACT Course taught me to implement new habits to create the life I want. I’m aware of how to unlock the “stuck gremlin” and to take action onto my next bigger goals!"

- Kimberly B.


Here’s a peek inside the ImPACT Course:

We start by pulling back the curtain on your struggles so you can see what’s ACTUALLY getting in your way.  It’s probably not what you think!

First, you’ll learn the six productivity myths that derail your best-laid plans.

Then, delight in the ten simple-yet-magical shortcuts that will deliver you into a daily nirvana of confidence and creative flow.

Next, we find out what you really care about and give it the attention it deserves.

No more beating yourself up for a lack of focus or follow-through!

No more stressing out about massive to-do lists and falling short again and again. 

Through the four steps of our signature PACT System, we uncover your deepest desires and move the needle on the goals you long to achieve.

You’re gaining momentum now, focusing your fired-up energy on smart strategies and consistent, daily action steps.

In this module, you’ll discover the incredibly fulfilling and pleasurable experience of staying on track, honoring your commitments AND taking exquisite care of yourself in the process.

Warp Speed includes ninja productivity skills, advanced attention management and ruthless focus on YOUR success.  New worlds await!

Picking up speed as we round the final bend, you’re shifting from stuck to stoked with ease. You will give yourself lavish permission to feel however you feel, WITHOUT sacrificing your progress.

You’ll learn how to stack your wins into unprecedented accomplishment and experience the self-respect, satisfaction and peace of mind that you’ve always dreamed of.

In this module, learn what it means to break down, break through and break FREE so you can achieve results beyond your wildest dreams.

"The information Deborah presents in the ImPACT course is so valuable, it gave me new ways to understand my perfectionism and the exact mechanics of how it was holding me back. I'm getting to chop through years' worth of procrastinated logjams. But the real magic of working with Deborah comes in the coaching calls: she has the intellect and insight to drill down to the roots of someone's challenge lightning quick, but also the lived-in empathy and kindness to make a safe passage to walk with her there."

- Matt Z.

THE IMPACT COURSE is for you if:

"When I enrolled in the ImPACT Course, Deborah said, ‘You’ll get what you came for,’ and I did!

What I appreciate about working with Deborah and her team:

1. There is community and everyone is cared for. 

2. They model implementation of the concepts they teach.
3. In the work there is an acknowledgment and a balance of both the practical, analytical, no bullshit, get things done frame, and the emotional, ‘What are you experiencing and what does it mean?’ frame that I have not experienced before.

- Diane S.


Ten Weeks of Content Drops

Our user-friendly, custom membership site delivers a weekly goodie bag that includes comprehensive training videos, audios, interactive worksheets and highly entertaining bonus resources.

Content Drops are packed with actionable info, yet designed to take one hour or less PER WEEK to complete.

Two Break Weeks for FLEX TIME

Wouldn’t it be sweet to have two weeks of vacation time for every ten that you work?

You’ve got it! You’re not a machine, even though you drive yourself to perform like one. Things are different here - we want to make sure you have time to recharge, catch up, connect and INTEGRATE everything you’re learning and creating.

Your content drops are customized to your individual pace, so YOU choose when it’s time to take a break. Enjoy!

IMPACT Channel Chats on the COBALT Network

A community of kindred spirits makes all the difference in the world, and for a full 12 weeks you get a dedicated NETWORK where you can communicate privately and productivity (NOT on Facebook!) with your fellow ImPACT members.

You get to share wins, ask questions and get LIVE help through our high-energy channel chats, pop-up events and 24/7 activity feed. It’s a rich, living resource for a successful YOU!

Bi-Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls with Deborah

Every other week throughout the course, you get individual attention on your game plan, your progress and your results from COBALT’s CEO, the founder of Productivity for Perfectionists™ and a master coach. Coaching sessions are integrated events right inside of your ImPACT Channel, so you never have to go hunting for a link or a replay!

You’d normally have to pay upwards of $10,000 to receive this level of personal support in one of our programs! But we’re so committed to your success that we’re providing high-level group coaching for the price of an automated self-study course.


You’ll need internet access to log into our membership site, where you’ll find all of your training materials, worksheets and coaching call replays. We meet for live coaching via Zoom video and we gather in real time on the ImPACT Channel for coach-supported chats..

Setup is fast and easy on computer, tablet or smart phone, and you’ll get clear instructions on how it all works at the beginning of the course.

We do recommend staying on track with the course content in order to make the most of your live coaching calls and Channel chats, but the two break weeks give you LOTS of flexibility to work at your own pace and still complete the course with the group.

And wherever you are in the program, the coaching and community will be fully dialed in for maximum support.

Absolutely! You have lifetime access to all of the training modules, the interactive worksheets and the coaching call replays. It’s all there for you.

It’s VERY common to have a bit of panic attack when you’ve invested in something new! And because we are 100% committed to your results, NOT your resistance, we ask that you step into the first two weeks of the course and give yourself a chance.

If you show up to the calls, complete the training modules in full and then decide that ImPACT is not for you, we will cheerfully refund your full purchase price.

There’s actually nothing out there exactly like this, which is why you will NOT get “stuck” if you keep showing up. We created ImPACT to address the root causes of procrastination, overwhelm and self-doubt, and ZAP them. We’ll connect you to a whole new wellspring of pleasurable inspiration, and make it super easy to take small, simple steps that add up FAST.

Plus, the live coaching calls and 24/7 Slack support means you are NEVER alone on your journey – and never left behind.

Ah, kindred perfectionist, we feel you!

Remember that this is a no-judgment, no-bullshit zone. Deborah is highly skilled at group coaching and understands the pain of blame, shame and “dumbing it down” to fit in. Some of our biggest successes are diehard “lone wolves” who LOVE their ImPACT cohort by the end of the course!

You get to show up exactly as you are and exactly as you are not, and you will soon discover that you have a safe haven here.

You will choose a project to work on right away, even if it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of your life’s work.

A big part of what you’re learning is HOW to work: how to get started, how to feel empowered, how to choose and complete your tasks. So you’ll want to sink your teeth in without delay. But you can course-correct as you go, reset anytime, and come back again and again to to achieve whatever you want!

Live coaching calls are scheduled for one hour, but Deborah will often take extra time to coach as many people as possible, or dive deeper into a juicy topic that resonates with the current group. Same goes for the Slack channel, which is monitored daily on top of the live happy hours.

Expect lots of generosity and personal attention in this course!

It’s crazy, right? We keep thinking “THIS course” will be the one…we get excited and think this time will be different…but eventually it’s just too much, or it doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped.

It’s worth saying again:  ImPACT is DIFFERENT.

This is the container where you bring all of those unfinished projects, INCLUDING the courses you bought and didn’t finish before now. You show up, you choose what’s near and dear to your heart, with guidance, and you GET IT DONE.


The next round of ImPACT starts February 21st
and doors close February 19th.
Space is limited.

Want to watch Deborah in action?

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